sábado, 24 de enero de 2009


Hello from Spain, how does it go your chit chat? That was always the beginning of all our chat sessions. I had missed the contact with my friend Ronald from Netherlands, but this year we have recovered it back again. He is an science teacher from a secondary school in The Haague (Holland), he is very funny, an he loves 80's music. This video is dedicated to him. It's called "A different story" from Peter Schilling. We love this song. It sounds in multimedia Polyhedra Exposition you have seen at school. Si no tienes idea de lo que he escrito, usa el traductor que puse al final de la página del blog, y empieza seriamente a estudiar inglés.
By the way, this year we are going to stimate Earth's Radio, so in spring we are repeating the Eratostenes' experiment. Bye. See you in chat.

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